Early Diagnosis & Intervention for

Developmental Delay (0 - 3yrs)

Child development is a basic science of child health care. Without knowledge of developmental changes that take place in a child

Assignment for Early Diagnosis & Intervention For Developmental Delay (0 - 3yrs)

Assignment instruction:
  • Complete the following assignment and upload it in a word format or hand written scanned copy of the assignment.
  • Once you have completed the assignment, you must complete the quiz in order to move to the next module

1. Create a concise chart of development milestones depicting the important milestones in all streams of development. Include milestones that will be ready reckoner for Milestone screening.

2. Prepare an assignment on Neural Plasticity after brain damage in children? Describe the factors that can positively influence on brain reorganization after injury? Highlight on types of Intervention that influence reorganization?

3. Create chart of critical periods for motor, language, social and cognitive development.